Magic Island
Magic Island
Alright, I'm going to post this shot a day early, because I know I'm not going to be able to post it tomorrow. My old roommates are going on this road trip to Zion's Park in half an hour (sunday at midnight) and I decided to go with them! We're going to camp out and just have some fun down there. This is possibly the most spontaneous decision I've made all semester. But yeah! It will be good! As for this shot, here is the story: I was coming over to visit these old roommates of mine, and I saw this furniture arrangement in the living room. They are so crazy and spontaneous that they put up all their furniture like this and called it Magic Island! It's like some kind of crazy piece of art! (and I think they did it also to get a rise out of Josh, who is the one really melancholy guy among them.) So, when I look at this, it reminds me of my crazy, crazy roommates, who have the power to get me to do spontaneous and crazy things, like skip my classes and run away to Zion's Park...holy cow!
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